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About Us

Founded in 1978, Florida-based Insure Smart has helped guide their clients to the best insurance policy for over 30 years. The family owned insurance agency, founded and operated by husband and wife pair, Gregg and Ara, has spent the last three decades putting their customers first. From their early beginnings selling life insurance door to door, they have since moved on to own two complete locations selling a myriad of policies including: auto, home, boat, business, flood, and condo insurance.

Their family styled customer care and dedication to client satisfaction sets the apart from the large companies that have become so common place in the insurance field today. Insure Smart agents will go out of their way to educate their clients on their best options and ensure they always leave with exactly what they need. This makes Insure Smart a true ally and friend far beyond what many others can offer.

When working with Insure Smart, customers can be confident that their needs will always come first. There will be no fear of paying too much for policies they don’t need. Instead, they can work one-on-one with an agent to find everything they need and get the lowest prices. This alone puts Insure Smart ahead of the Insurance pack. Insure Smart agents are some of the most knowledgeable agents in their field, making them ideal to answer any questions their clients may have. Even more, their customer service is readily available making them highly accessible
whenever their clients need them.

There truly is no company that can compete with the personal care each client will receive from Insure Smart. From policy questions to new concerns, there is nothing an Insure Smart agent will not strive to assist their customers with. No matter the situation, Insure Smart is there for those they help protect.